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The Top Google Searches on Business Insurance

Your business insurance is an important part of your risk management program. It is important to have the right insurance coverage, competitive pricing, and the right insurer.  We have researched the top Google searches regarding business insurance programs, and we thought you might like to see what kinds of questions people are asking.

What are the different kinds of business insurance?

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March Madness – Energy Insurance Style

March is over and we spent the while month watching 64 college basketball teams play to the final four, then to the championship game. Congratulations to North Carolina! The entire thing reminded us of some insurance madness. We thought we would share with you our “insurance madness final four.” These can impact your business insurance and personal insurance programs.

Insurance Madness

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Three Things Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Homeowner’s insurance is designed to cover accidental loss or damage to your home and personal property. Homeowner’s insurance also covers your personal liability if someone is injured on your premises.

We recommend that every client actually read their homeowner’s policy to gain an understanding of the coverage and exclusions. Here are at least three things you need to understand about your

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Does Your Business Hire Contractors?

Today more than ever businesses are evaluating the need for full time vs. part time employees. Many firms are also considering using a third party firm for certain functions. Before you make any decisions about contracting out job functions, read this.

Advantages of hiring an employee

Employees can sometimes take on multiple roles within the firm.
Work flow and managing projects can be

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