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Does Your Business Hire Contractors?

Today more than ever businesses are evaluating the need for full time vs. part time employees. Many firms are also considering using a third party firm for certain functions. Before you make any decisions about contracting out job functions, read this.

Advantages of hiring an employee

Employees can sometimes take on multiple roles within the firm.
Work flow and managing projects can be

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Even Small Businesses Need Broad Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage

To protect a small business from potential lawsuits, liability insurance is necessary. Policies vary greatly, and they cover different classifications of risks for varying costs. Before shopping for a policy, it is important to educate yourself about business liability insurance.

Business Liability Insurance Is Available in Many Different Forms

Commercial General Liability, which is also called CGL, is a very broad insurance

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2017 Insurance Buying Tips

Now that 2017 is here, it may be time to consider reviewing your personal insurance program. Most people don’t take time to review exposures, options, or their current economic condition before making their insurance purchase. We want to help you, so we prepared these personal insurance buying tips for 2017.

Don’t buy insurance through the internet – Call our agency and

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