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Energy Insurance Agency Included In IIABA’s 2023 Best Practices Study

September 5, 2023
Energy Insurance Agency retains its Best Practices status, once again becoming a part of an elite group of independent insurance…
Agency News

Energy’s Florence Office will be Transitioning to a Virtual Office

August 29, 2023
Florence, Kentucky - The Energy Florence location will be closing and transitioning to a virtual office starting on September, 29th…
Agency News

The Insurance Journal Recognizes Energy Insurance as One of the Top 100 Property/Casualty Agencies

August 7, 2023
Energy Insurance Agency, the largest insurance agency based in Central Kentucky, takes great pride in sharing the news that they…

Understanding Rental Car Insurance: Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Your Rental Car?

July 11, 2023
When planning a trip that requires a rental car or using one for any other reason, you may be wondering…
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Drive Your Teen’s Insurance Costs Down: Tips for Choosing their First Car

April 27, 2023
As a parent, buying a car for your teenager can be a daunting experience, especially when it comes to insurance…
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One Quick & Simple Way for Banks to Attract High-End Deposits

January 13, 2023
As a financial institution, a bank's primary goal is to attract and retain clients who will deposit their money with…
Specialized Business Insurance
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Is an Insurance Audit Bad for your Business?

January 5, 2023
Insurance audits may not always be at the top of everyone's list of favorite things to do, but they serve…
Cyber Liability Insurance
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Which Businesses Are More At Risk for Cyber Attacks?

December 13, 2022
    You can read about it all over the news: another company has been targeted, and confidential data has…